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A Great Event and a Great Announcemnt

On Saturday night I had the great pleasure of having my campaigns first fundraiser event. First off I'd like to thank G. Marshall and Shelley Hann for their wonderful hospitality. They have a beautiful home and I appreciate them opening it up to Vanessa, me, and the hundred or so guests that came out to support my campaign. It was a wonderful event, so thank you very much to the Hanns.

Wilk Raises Nearly $50,000 in Just 6 Weeks

(Santa Clarita, CA) – Scott Wilk, who has yet to announce his candidacy for 38th Assembly District, raised $45,700 in just the first six weeks of the campaign. With over $40,000 raised locally from within the 38th Assembly District and surrounding areas the community has shown it’s support for Scott’s campaign for State Assembly.

Help me reach my end of the year goal!

--UPDATE-- Thanks to the great repsonse from you guys we were able to reach and even exceed our $40,000 goal. We actually came pretty close to (and may have gone over) $50,000 as well. So thank you all for the great support, emotionally, physically, and financially that you are providing. It is because of supporters like you that we will win and take our values all the way to Sacramento.
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