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Cameron Smyth

A Great Event and a Great Announcemnt

On Saturday night I had the great pleasure of having my campaigns first fundraiser event. First off I'd like to thank G. Marshall and Shelley Hann for their wonderful hospitality. They have a beautiful home and I appreciate them opening it up to Vanessa, me, and the hundred or so guests that came out to support my campaign. It was a wonderful event, so thank you very much to the Hanns.

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth endorses Scott Wilk

Republican Assembly candidate Scott Wilk received the endorsement of Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R-38th) in the race to succeed him in the State Assembly. “In my mind, there is no better person to go to Sacramento and represent the 38th Assembly District than Scott Wilk”, said Smyth. “In an era of term limits, you don’t have time for people to slowly learn the system.”
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