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Speeding Up Your Website

Every business owner wants to make their site faster. When Google announced a ranking factor for site speed, the trend started. With mobile search traffic becoming more commonplace, site speed has become even more popular.

Site speed is a very complicated topic. Generally, you will not be able to speed up your site yourself. Instead, you will have to hire a good developer. In order to discuss site speed with your developer, there are a few things you need to better understand:

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP

These days, more people tend to surf the Internet on their mobile device rather than using a desktop. An AMP project will help your website run faster on those mobile devices. Using an AMP project improves the performance of your website overall on mobile devices rather than imposing restrictions.

Leveraging Browser Caching

You can set different cache times for the different types of files you have by leveraging your browser caching. Google has a guide online teach you more about leveraging your browser caching. WordPress also has a valuable guide to teach you more about it.

Using a Content Delivery Network, or CDN

You should consider using a content delivery network if your site seems to be slow in some areas of the world. A slow speed can keep your site from converting. A CDN is a network that is distributed globally and stores cached site files. Your site visitors will be given files from a server that is closer to them when using a content delivery network, allowing them to better enjoy your site around the world without a lot of interruptions.

Optimizing with GZIP Compression

A GZIP compression is a topic you want to know little about, but one that you will definitely need some technical help with. Your best bet is to search for a YouTube video that will walk you through what a gzip compression is. That way, you will be knowledgeable about it when you talk with your site developer.

Optimized Images

You will want to understand more about optimized images and what they are when you talk with your developer. There are many types of image formats and types of optimization that you need to learn more about as you design your web page.


When you better understand these terms, you will be able to discuss them with your website developer and get your website faster and more efficient.