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George Runner Endorses Scott Wilk

Board of Equalization Member, and former state senator and assemblyman, George Runner has thrown his support behind Scott Wilk. In a recent letter sent to thousands of voters Senator Runner described why he is supporting Scott. He called upon those voters to join him in his support of Scott and also to urged them to donate to Scotss campaign.

The letter is posted in it's entirety below. Thank you to Senator Runner for his support and endorsement. If you would like to join him in supporting Scott, please Donate and also add your name to the list of endorsements.


I'm supporting Scott Wilk for State Assembly. Will you join me?
George Runner - Board Of Equalization
December 15th, 2011    

From the Desk of Senator George Runner (Ret.), Member, State Board of Equalization

Dear Friend,

I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting Scott Wilk for the 38th Assembly District seat being vacated by Cameron Smyth.  The district covers Santa Clarita Valley, northwest San Fernando Valley and the City of Simi Valley.

As you may know, Scott serves on the Santa Clarita Community College Board of Trustees and is a longtime Republican leader in our area.  In addition to being on the College Board, he has business experience - owning his own public affairs company, and has served as chief of staff to Assemblyman Tom McClintock and Assemblywoman Paula Boland.  Scott will not require a learning curve – he will hit the ground running on day-one!

We need more individuals with both strong conservative principles and the ability to get things done in the Legislature.  I have known Scott for many years and can attest to his steadfast commitment to core principles, and ability to build consensus without compromising those principles.

California is at a crossroads and we need experienced people that we know and trust.  Scott has signed the “No New Taxes” pledge and has solidly researched, real solutions for regulatory reform and improving K-12 education.  We need thoughtful people that will address our state’s short-term problems and long-term challenges.

We need Scott in Sacramento.   That is why I have donated to his campaign and ask you to join me to do the same.  Scott is worth it--and California is worth fighting for.

You can contribute on-line at, by clicking the donate button and follow the prompts, or mail your contribution to:
Scott Wilk for State Assembly 2012 ID#: 1339795
7185 Navajo Road Suite P
San Diego CA 92119

I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter.  I know you won't regret helping elect a fine new Republican Assemblyman - one we can trust to work for us.
Senator George Runner (Ret.)
Member, State Board of Equalization

P.S.  The first reporting period deadline is Friday, December 30th.  So please send in your contribution today!

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