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On The Issues

Scott Wilk is a proven leader and real problem solver. California has serious challenges – high unemployment, run away government spending and an education system that can do better. We need a leader in Sacramento who is dedicated to solving the problems at hand with a keen eye to the future of our state. For too long Sacramento has only focused on the here and now looking for quick, convenient solutions to complicated issues. It's time to honestly address the issues confronting our state. Scott has the knowledge, conservative values and, most importantly, real life experience to tackle these difficult issues.

Scott Wilk is a proven leader, a true conservative, and a serious problem solver. He wants to reform our failing education system. He knows how to help keep jobs in California while also attracting new business to set up shop in our great state. He has a plan to reform the stifling regulations that are hindering small businesses like his own. Scott is the serious candidate the 38th Assembly District needs.