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Community Residents and Leaders are Endorsing Scott

There is no better person to go to Sacramento and represent the 38th District than Scott Wilk. In the era of term limits, you don’t have time for people to slowly learn the system.
— Assemblyman Cameron Smyth
“I have known and worked with Scott Wilk for over two decades. I can guarantee he will be a steadfast conservative leader in Sacramento at a time when we desperately need one.
— Congressman Tom McClintock
I support Scott because he has a record we can trust and the experience we need. He is the only candidate that can get the job done!
— Simi Valley Councilman Glen Beccera
“Scott Wilk is exactly the hard-working tax fighter we need to help stop budget madness in Sacramento. I’m proud to support his candidacy.
— Board of Equalization Member George Runner
Serving as a college board of trustee Scott Wilk knows the importance of education. Scott is committed to higher academic standards and giving parents and teachers a greater voice in student learning.
— Ventura County School Board Member Dean Kunicki
Mr Arturo O'malley

"I support Scott because he is a honest republican."

California Republican Party Regional Vice Chair Adam Abrahms

"Scott Wilk is the best opportunity we have anywere in the state to really change Sacramento for the better. I have known Scott for 20 years and can guarantee he has the knowledge, dedication and principles needed to lead our efforts at fixing California."

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian
Mrs. Deborah Acker-Zolnoski

"Scott has my support, as he will well-represent the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley Community. As a Community Development Professional, I know that to achieve the level of responsibility that Scott seeks, you need to be experienced, as Scott is! "

LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich

"As a small businessman and local leader, Scott has the tenacity and commitment to eliminate waste and reform the dysfunctional state government"

Newhall County Water Board Member B.J. Atkins

"Scott Wilk is committed to expediting the cleanup of perchlorate from our local groundwater. He is a tested leader, ready to do battle defending Santa Clarita Valley ratepayers against unnecessary and always expensive unfunded mandates."

Joe and Michele Avignone
Former Chairwoman - Republican Party of Los Angeles County Jane Barnett
Barbara Barrick

"Scott Wilk, demonstrates a wealth of knowledge on issues for CA and the SCV, and is the best, most articulate candidate to represent the 38th District. I encourage each of our friends to help him win with your campaign donation and with your vote. Thanks!"

Rick and Patti Bennett
College of the Canyons Board Member Mike Berger
Rich and Jane Bettencourt-Soto
Jim and Chris Biscailluz
Mrs. Eileen Blanchard

"Extremely well qualified to be our next Assemblyman."

Mr. Scott Blough

"Scott Wilk will fight for the California future my family and all California families deserve."

Bruce and Donna Blowey
Bert and Jane Boeckmann
Assemblywoman Paula Boland (ret.)

"When I was Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Scott crafted bills toughening laws against child molesters, & strengthened 3 strikes. He knows public safety is government’s highest priority. That is why I endorse Scott Wilk for 38th Assembly District."

Bill and Jody Bolde

"Scott Wilk is a proven leader. A man of great integrity and one who will hit the ground running as our next Assemblymember. "

Bill Bonelli
TimBen and Ingrid Boydston
Conni Brunni

"I've known Scott for 30 years. He's been active in Republican and conservative causes throughout those 30 years. "

Saugus Union School Board Member Doug Bryce
Previous Publisher and CEO, The Signal Newspaper Richard Budman

"Scott is a proven and trusted leader, with the knowledge and experience we need to make the upcoming hard decisions in Sacramento. This is a crucial time for our state and we need a qualified leader to represent us. Please join me in supporting Scott wilk"

Immediate Past President, Long Beach Young Republicans Alex Burrola

"Scott is a proven leader with a record of accomplishmentment and service to the community that makes him uniquely qualified in this election. I wholeheartedly support him in this campaign."

Joe and Charlotte Burruso
National Federation of Independent Business

"He will represent our members effectively and put Main Street, the economy and jobs at the top of his agenda in Sacramento."

Valerie Chase, M.Ed.

"Scott's moral compass, and by extension, his judgment, is honest and reliable. He is motivated by the clear conservative values of the founding fathers. Scott's strong family values and collaborative solutions-based approach get my vote!"

Assemblyman Paul Cook
LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley

"Scott knows that public safety is government’s number one responsibility. He’ll fight to ensure that law enforcement is properly funded to protect our neighborhoods and families"

Castaic Lake Water Agency Director Bill Cooper
Valerie Copper
Wayne and Dianne Crawford
Executive Director of the Simi Moorpark Tea Party Doug Crosse
Dave and Judy Davis
George Davis
Former Simi Valley Mayor Bill Davis
Maynard and Judy Davis
Mrs Christien Di Stefano

"His opinions about the issues are similiar to mine."

Kirk and Shari Dickinson
Mallory DiFatta
Sho and Kiyo Doi
Glo Donnelly
Arts Commissioner, City of Santa Clarita John Dow
Mr. Brandon Drake
Los Angeles Daily News Editorial Board

"(Scott) takes conservative, pro-business stands on many current issues while vowing to approach issues with "an open mind and open heart." -LA Daily News Editorial Board"

Bill and Rose Edwards

"he is so qualified to represent us and move our state in the right direction"

Newhall School Board Member Phil Ellis
Bernie Ellrodt
Jon Eskenas
John Etheridge
Santa Clarita Parks Commissioner Chris Fall
Mr. Sean T. Faussett
Alan Ferdman
Santa Clarita Mayor Frank Ferry

"“I have worked with Scott on numerous projects that have improved our community and I know he will work hard for us. I believe he will carry on Cameron Smyth’s efforts to work with all parties to achieve common sense solutions to California’s challenges."

California Professional Firefighters

"“"Scott Wilk believes that protecting public safety should be our government’s highest priority. He will vote to ensure the safety of our citizens and their communities. We're proud to endorse him for the 38th Assembly District.""

Ventura County Supervisor Peter Foy
Darlene and Robert Gandara
Ms. Alice Gandy
San Fernando Valley Community Leader Rickey Gelb
John and Sheryl Geraci
Jack and Linda Gordon

"Scott has the background and practical knowledge to be an effective Assemblyman. He is a true conservative that can help fix the chaos in Sacramento."

Mrs. Andrea Gregory

"Scott Wilk is an honest and trustworthy politician. Thats rare theses days. Too many politicians are in the game for themselves. Scott is running because he truly wants the best for his constituents. Scott Wilk has my vote! He should have your's as well!"

Adam Gregory

"I support Scott because he knows how to get results. He is serious candidate for a serious job!"

Chairman; Sac State College Republicans, former 38th AD intern Jordan Gurnett

"His years of service to conservative icons such as Tom McClintock, and community advocacy during the Redistricting process to keep Santa Clarita united, show that he has both the experience and policy insight that is required to represent our district."

G.Marshall and Shelley Hann
Carolyn Heitman
California Association Of Highway Patrolmen

"Scott Wilk is a strong supporter of public safety. He's willing to fight for the issues that impact our officers and their families"

Debbie Holbrook
Tom and Kris Hough
Ryan Hubbard

"I support Scott, because he is the right man to fix the mess in Sacramento. Scott will work across party lines to achieve the best results for the citizens he represents. "

Simi Valley Mayor Robert Huber

"He understands the needs of Simi Valley and will represent us well in Sacramento"

Board Member, Riverside Unified School District Tom Hunt

"Scott's and my relationship goes back only 6 years yet he has been so helpful and generous with his time in providing my school district the insight needed to the Federal process as we seek avenues toward combating Childhood Obeisty. "

Pam Ingram
Executive Director, California Young Republican Federation Ashley Ingram
Past President of Simi Valley Education Foundation Brian and Debbie Iverson
COC Board President Michele Jenkins
Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge
Director, Castaic Lake Water Agency Peter Kavounas
Kathy Kellar

"Scott understands the political process in Sacramento and will advocate for those of us living in Santa Clarita. He is by far the most qualified candidate for the State Assembly, District 38."

Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kellar
Santa Clarita Valley EDC Co-Chairman Bill Kennedy

"Scott is the right person to represent our interests. He has well established touch points to gauge the needs and sentiment of the people. Plus, he knows how to get things done in Sacramento!"

Mr. Tim Ketchepaw
Mrs. Jenny Ketchepaw
Alice Khosravy
Frank and Charlotte Kleeman
Administrator Teri Knafla

"I've known Scott Wilk for nearly 20 years. He has a firm grasp of the issues and can help get California back on the right tract. "

Mr. Brian Koegle

"Scott has been one of the most dedicated advocates for the 38th Assembly District, and has a proven track record of success as a Trustee for the College of the Canyons. Scott has the knowledge, skills and content of character we need in Sacramento!"

Small Business Owner Kevin Korenthal

"I believe that Scott will go to Sacramento with the interests of small businesses and taxpayers, not Big Labor and other special interests in mind."

Marie & Frank Kuric
Raymond Kutylo

"I have gotten to know Scott and endorse him without reservation. He has an amazing grasp of the issues facing the people of California, and will work hard to solve the problems. It is time for doing, not place-holding. This is an important vote. Vote Wilk"

Linda Lambourne

"For several years, I worked with Scott and I am confident he will serve us well in Sacramento. A true visionary, he is committed, capable, and conscientious. Scott quickly grasps all facets of an issue & then always works hard until he finds a resolution."

Ms. Jane Leach

"I have personally come to know Scott, as smart, qualified, reliable"

Steve Leach

"I support Scott Wilk for Assembly. Scott is a conservative leader who knows what it takes to create business friendly policies to attract both business and jobs to California.""

Realtor Lauren Lefkowitz Greber

"Scott has proven himself over and over again. I have absolute faith that he will do the best he possibly can!"

John and Mary Leon
Mr. Leon Lim

"Proven Coservative"

Annette Lucas
College of the Canyons Board Member Joan MacGregor
Mr. Cliff Madison

"He is my cousin and a great American..."

John and Barbara March

"Scott is honest and supports our conservative values."

Ms. Vicki Marsik

"Scott is an honest republican, In my and my daughter's (Rachael) opinion he would represent our district with honor and strength."

Santa Clarita Master of Ceremonies Ed Masterson
Santa Clarita Councilwoman Marsha McLean
Hart School Board Member Joe Messina

"I am excited to support a strong conservative leader like Scott Wilk to be our next Assemblyman. He understands the needs of Californians in the 38th District."

Mrs. Tammy Messina

"Scott has the necessary experience to bring real solutions to CA. Most importantly, I trust him to do what he says he'll do and to make good decisions for us as our representative."

Ms. Jena Minassian
Newhall County Water District Board President Dan Mortensen
Senator Dick Mountjoy (ret.)
Debbie Myers
Mr. Timothy Myers, Sr.

"Scott is a thoughtful leader who transcends party ideology. I am proud as a voter not affiliated with the two major parties to endorse Scott of Assembly."

Director of Public Affairs, CalArts Denise Nelson
Mrs. Lisa Nelson

"Scott is a committed leader with a proven history of getting necessary results. I am pleased to endorse Scott Wilk for California State Assembly."

Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen
Lou and Mamie Patin
Director, Castaic Lake Water District William Pecsi
Doug and Judy Penman
Harold and Jacquie Petersen
Mr. Steve Petzold

"Scott has a record of adhering to Conservative principles during his tenure on the COC Board of Trustees."

Ms. Nicole Raach
Mr. Keith Renno
President of Soroptimist International Greater Santa Clarita Valley Sue Reynolds
Senator Sharron Runner

"Please join me in supporting Scott Wilk for Assembly. Scott is a no-nonsense conservative leader who will ight every tax increase and knows it takes business friendly policies to attract jobs back to California."

Dave & Peggy Sadler
Jerry and Peggy Schauer
Wayne and Sandy Schulze
Gregory Sebourn

"Scott is a small business man who understands what it means to take a risk AND pay taxes. Scott gets my support!"

Mr. Chris Sharp

"In the State Assembly, Scott Wilk will surely engage citizen participation in constructive works as he has done all of his public career."

Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition
Drs. Lee and Joyce Shulman
California Small Business Association

"We believe that Scott Wilk’s commitment to the future of small business is deserving of the support of our organization."

Mrs Danielle Smith

"Scott is a conservative, ethical, knowledgeable and sociable individual."

Mr. Brian Smith

"I trust Scott Wilk to be our voice in Sacramento. His knowledge and energy are what we need to steer California in the right direction."

Lena Smyth
Simi Valley City Council Member Steven Sojka
Dr. Herbert (Bert) Spencer

"Scott worked with a group organizing a Promise Keepers trip several years ago from that experience I know Scott has the values and capabilities to represent us very well."

Mike and Tami Stephens
Ms. Heather Stewart
Hart School Board Member Steve Sturgeon
Julie Sturgeon
Mike and Tammy Swarbrick
Ms. Linda Tarnoff
Castaic Union School Board Member Steve Teeman
West Valley Boys & Girls Club Board President Gary Thomas
Simi Valley Boys & Girls Club Board President Fred Thomas
Gini Thomas
Debbie Thomas
Dick Tomasheski

"I believe Scott to be a knowledgable, ethical and moral person.And guess what? For someone involved in politics, he is not only a gentleman, but one having high ideals and high personal standards."

Nancy Tujetsch

"I have known Scott for many years as a trusted conservative who knows the meaning of the term “public servant”. He will bring the conservative SOCIAL VALUES that are needed back to Sacramento and be an exemplary example of same for the Republican Party."

Gary and Lynda Vankirk
Janet Veloz
Jeannie Wagner
Anita Waselinko
Paige Weaver

"Scott's leadership during the redistricting effort, his work at the COC, and his views have convinced me that he will be a capable and dedicated replacement for Cameron Smyth, who will represent Santa Clarita well in Sacramento."

Mr. Troy Werner
Santa Clarita City Councilwoman Laurene Weste
Ms. Carol Whalen

"I have known Scott and his family for over 10 years and his integrity, honesty and character are a true asset in politics today."

Mr. David Wayne White
Ms. Danielle Whitener
Simi Valley Councilwoman Barbra Williamson
Mr. Rick Winsman

"During my 5 years as a member of the Santa Clarita Planning Commission, I found Scott to be an extremely collaborative partner for positive growth. I know he will continue that sense of partnership in the California Assembly."

Mr. Randy Witt
Doug Yoakam
Dora Zavala