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Scott Wilk the Right Choice for the San Fernando Valley

When I was a child, my family moved to Granada Hills. We moved there because at that time the Valley had the best schools, and the safest neighborhoods. People could find work and afford to buy a home. It was truly a great place to live. Today I’m still proud to call the Valley home. My husband and I raised children here and we always wanted to ensure that they had the same opportunities that we did. That is the reason why I dedicated my life to public service and why I eventually went on to represent the San Fernando Valley in the State Assembly for 6 years because we needed a conservative voice in Sacramento to tackle the tough issues facing our community. When my team began our first term in the Assembly we were faced with a downturn in the economy and crime was out of control. Scott Wilk was hired to be my chief of staff because we had similar ideas about how to fix these problems. He was a strong conservative leader and he was the right choice to work by my side to get to work on the tough issues facing our state. 16 years after I left office, I’m honored to endorse him in his own run for the 38th Assembly District.

While in the Assembly, people knew that there was a phrase that I went by, it went: “There's a new sheriff in town, and I'm it.” Improving public safety was my number one goal. I chaired the public safety committee, and during that time I lived up to that phrase. Scott and I worked together to get the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” passed and we also wrote the tough“One Strike” law for child molesters that locks them up for 15 years to life on their first offense.Those laws are still on the books and are some of the toughest in the nation. We also pushed for more police to patrol our streets. We also supported the full implementation of  community-based policing and re-instituted specialized anti-gang units. Scott will continue my efforts when he is elected to the Assembly.

Throughout my time in the assembly my team and I had a comprehensive plan to make California safer. But now we need someone to take the reigns and continue that fight. Scott Wilk is that person. When Scott sets his mind to something, he gets it done. He knows how important it is to promote stronger and safer communities for all of us. He hasn’t been afraid to roll up his sleeves and fight for our community and our children’s safety. We couldn’t have accomplished as much as we without him. Please get out and vote for Scott Wilk on Tuesday, June 5th.

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