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Recapping todays forum

(Note: I have attached the CTA Endorsement form at the bottom of this post if you are looking for it.)

First off let me say thank you the SCV Chamber, VIA, and VICA for hosting a well run and well attended event. That these organizations were able to get all the candidates to commit and then actually show up speaks volumes about their importance within the community. I am a proud member of the SCV Chamber and support the advocacy they, along with VIA and VICA, provide for small businesses.

The event went very well. After having only a few moments to get a small bite to eat, myself and my fellow candidates were called up to the stage to begin the forum. Jason Schaff, senior editor at The Signal, moderated the forum and did a good job. The questions were primarily business focused, as it was a chamber event, and I felt that I was able to present the case for my candidacy as the most prepared and best able to serve the citizens of the 38th Assembly District. I think the choice is clear as to who will best represent you in Sacramento.

I am small business owner. I've spent time in the public and private sectors preparing for this opportunity. I am raising my money primarily from local donors like you, not far off lobbyists looking to curry political favor. (Sidenote: Please consider making a donation to support the campaign.) I want to give you a voice in Sacramento that will work for you and not just be a seat warmer.

One of the "mottos" of the campaign recently has been, "while other states are rolling out the red carpet for business, California is rolling out the red tape." This was once again a topic of discussion today and I'm glad to hear some of the other candidates have now picked up my ideas when it comes to budgeting and regulation (Patricia McKeon being one of them), but the reality is none of them have the experience to make any thing happen with those ideas. Congressman Tom McClintock said it best last week:

"He’s the kind of leader who can assemble the majority that will save our state."

I hope you will take those words to heart and on June 5th cast your vote for me, Scott Wilk.


P.S. - If you came out to the forum this morning I thank you for your attendance and support

P.P.S - You can find the CTA Candidate Questionnaire I promised here.


Janet Stefko says:

I went to this morning's forum and listened quite closely to the questions asked and the answers being given. I mentally noted each candidate's ability to answer the fielded questions being asked (not skirting around the subject at hand) and their ability to deliver unrehearsed answers. I found Scott Wilk to be the most clear, concise and comfortable candidate answering the questions - which, I'm sure, is due to his expertise and confidence. Scott Wilk is the man who will best represent us in the 38th District State Assembly. I am confident, now, in my vote. If the people haven't gotten out to know who's running and learn about the candidates and what their potential ability is by now, then it's time to do so!!! Educate yourself so that you, like Scott Wilk, can be confident in him as a leader representing us in the State of California.

dimitris says:

You completely missed the point. It was not a slam on the city but a slam on, for-profit companies who save money by asking for volunteers and benefit from civic ignorance. The city is complicit in this ruse.The point is if you're volunteering to do a task for an LSSI library system, you're saving LSSI money because they'll be able to reduce by X the amount of time/money they would have had to spend doing that same task. So when people volunteer at a library, the volunteers are adding value to the library and not supplanting the work of regular library employees. Well you're right about one thing: Volunteers are adding value to LSSI's bottom line. You might as well go volunteer to bag groceries at Ralphs or do go-backs at Barnes & Noble. I'm sure they'd love volunteers too! 10 7

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