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Letter to the Editor: Wilk’s endorsements


Assembly candidate Scott Wilk counts among his many endorsements the backing of 4 of 5 Simi Valley council members. That is quite impressive. He goes on to make an even more eye-opening announcement of being backed by 4 of 5 of the council members for the city of Santa Clarita as well.

He also counts among his supporters Congressman Tom McClintock, County Supervisor Peter Foy, and the man who currently holds the job Scott is applying for, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth. That is an exciting addition to Scott’s qualifications.

He has my vote. Scott Wilk is the perfect representative for this district.

- Misty Snow,

Simi Valley

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Terry says:

Laura,Truly there are guidelines for doeplevment in this city. Some, not all developers, regardless if they are building homes or commercial doeplevment, try to cut corners and when they do, they cry foul. Now I am not saying the system is perfect, but I have had the opportunity to run interference for some developers and for the most part what has happened is they or their consultant/contractor have dropped the ball. Now please understand, I am not blaming this all on the person coming to the city trying to build something, I am however saying that WE the city council sees BOTH sides and it’s not all the cities fault. When a Council person is contacted because someone feels they are being treated unfairly, neither I nor any of my counterparts ignore request for help. If the city were to relax the rules we would soon look like the San Fernando Valley. If I sound defensive, well I guess I am. All one needs to do is look back 25 years. You would not recognize this place. We had some pretty bad planning in place, no guidelines for keeping people from parking their cars on the front lawns, no property maintenance, no setbacks for homes, no bike lanes, no landscape in the mediums, no landscape maintenance for businesses, no design guidelines just to name a few things. Your City Council is always looking for ways to improve service to the citizens of Simi Valley. Are we perfect? Not by a long shot. I am an Executive Director for a non-profit hospice foundation, Glen works for an electric company, Michelle at Simi Valley Hospital, Steve, owns his own business, and the Mayor, prior to the City Council was a civil servant. Our pay is less than minimum wage. Do we do this for the money? Silly question. Not only do we give up time with our family, but we have to disclose every piece of business we either own or are involved with, from owing/purchasing stock to purchasing a home…full disclosure. The laws aren’t difficult Laura, some people just don’t follow them and when they are caught, they cry foul. Some businesses go out of business because they are just plain lousy at it. Some stay for a long time. Good example is Green Acres Market. Pretty pricy BUT they have a product that people want to buy and they have great customer service. The City Council is always looking for ways to improve things. We continue listen to the residents on all issues, from HPS to tearing down Mountain Gate and putting up mixed use, to leaving Kadota Fig alone, to cleaning up Patricia Street, working with neighbors with barking dogs, to residents who want speed bumps to not feeding the crows, it’s all in a days work. Thanks for listening or in this case, reading.

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