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Wilk is Best Choice For California's Future.

I met Vanessa Wilk, when my now nineteen-year-old son was barely two-weeks old. We met at a monthly women’s group that met to play Bunko. Each month we had fun laughing and playing games but we would also discuss important topics about life and raising kids in the Santa Clarita Valley. I knew I had five years left until my first child reached kindergarten but I learned from Vanessa how extremely important it was to be involved in your child’s education on as many levels as possible. This is how I first came to really know Vanessa’s husband, Scott. Whether it was volunteering in the classroom, joining the PTA, fundraising to help to make special events happen for all the students, Scott and Vanessa worked tirelessly to not only help their children succeed but to improve education for all. Scott continues this pursuit today serving as a board trustee at COC.

As my friendship grew with the Wilks over the years I saw how their spirit of service extended beyond just at schools. They volunteered with many non-profit and community groups and have always shown an interest in the community. These non-profits have been successfully fulfilling their respective missions in because of community volunteers like Scott and Vanessa. Their participation continues today and you can see that they instilled their spirit of community because both of their children have been involved in local community groups. This must make for a very busy schedule for the Wilk family but together they have been on hand to celebrate the good times and nourish our friendship.

Scott and Vanessa were also there to help me through difficult times. When my brother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Scott was constantly around helping in any way he could. This meant so much to me, because I could be with my brother throughout his treatment.

I have to say that their community spirit is contagious. Today I work as the administrator at my temple; sit on the board at LARC Ranch, and am a proud member of SIGSCV. But still my most important and proudest role is mother, and it’s as a mother that I tell you that I will be voting for Scott Wilk for State Assembly in the June primary and I encourage you to do so as well. Most may not know Scott the way that I do, and I want you to know that I’m supporting him not only because he is a trusted friend but because he is the most qualified and he deeply cares about California’s future.


Lauren Lefkowit... says:

Very nicely stated Teri. The Wilks have always cared about community. Scott will be a huge plus in the Assembly!

Angela says:

Love the pictures lived in that house asorcs the bridge many years. Wow, those were the good ole days. The Scott store looks different from when we lived there. Makes me sad my father worked so hard at that store passed away last year. Miss him great memories!!! Thanks.

Zotmund says:

Love the picture of the Scott brgdie. My uncle lived by that brgdie when we were children and we would go visit and walk out and watch the turtles in the water. Is that Deer Creek? I'm not sure, havent been there in 40+ years.

Ady says:

Oh my gosh that is my old house across the brdige. That is so cool, wish I had that picture. I loved growing up there. My Daddy ran the Scott store. Good memories there.

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