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Challenges Facing California

Like the rest of the nation, California is facing some massive challenges. However, many of our problems have been self-inflicted by a state Legislature that continues to put politics over people.

As your State Assemblyman I pledge to get serious about addressing issues that affect California’s hardworking families.
I will:

  • Focus on job creation and stimulating the economy
  • Oppose any new taxes
  • Reform the budget process so we spend money on priorities and that we also measure outcomes.
  • Reform our public education system so it will once again become the envy of the nation
  • Build more prisons so felons are not released from prison until their time has been served.

I share my fellow citizens’ frustrations with Washington, DC and Sacramento.  My commitment is to solve problems, not play politics.  We need to get serious about California’s future and the time to start is now.


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